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Welcome to Pekabesko website!

On this website you will get familiar with Pekabesko Company, their products and people creating our successful story.

Our objective is to be amongst the leading distribution and production houses in the Republic of Macedonia in the area of food industry, that is our business activity,

We should permanently provide higher quality level of our services and products,

We should provide modern offer of new services and products,

We should continuously develop the Company tradition in other words building Pekabesko image,

Through efficient and cost-effective performance we are to realize profit each year.



Pekabesko AD Skopje is a company with more than 35 year tradition, and established in the late 1979. It developed from the branch of then the biggest Agricultural Cooperative PKB Belgrade, which was opened in 1972. In 1991 PKB-Skopje developed into one of the first completely privatized companies in Macedonia. Major activity of the company is production of delicatessen products and distribution of foodstuffs and cigarettes.

In 1998 we started production of delicatessen products under Pekabesko brand. Today, the range of delicatessen products covers various types of durable, smoked and semi-durable products.

In addition to the production, we distribute goods of a number of domestic and foreign companies, which is one of the key Pekabesko activities. Not only the technical capacities but also human resources and staff do make it possible for Pekabesko to take one of the leading places in the distribution activity in Macedonia. Major indicator for its success in this area is the trust in Pekabesko by well-established regional and global companies and brands related to daily distribution for dozen of national and international companies, or more than 270 different products.

In 2012, a new Pekabesko Production and Logistic Center was built located in the village of Kadino, Ilinden municipality. The facility was built with investment loan amounting to EUR 9.5 million granted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and MBDP, serviced through NLB Tutunska Banka, and the remaining (EUR 3.5 million) are own company assets. This investment worth EUR 13 million has so far provided 100 new jobs, and 100 more are planned after the facility has been completed.

The Center was built in line with HACCAP Standards for production of delicatessen products. The plant has a production capacity of 35 tons per day, confectioning of fresh meat, production of pate, storage and cutting of fresh meat, packing of frozen fish and frozen vegetables and fruit.

Pekabesko Production and Logistic Center has an area of 19,700 m2, of which 10,500 m2 production part, 5,600 m2 distribution storages, 1,500 m2 additional premises, and 2,100 m2 administration premises. Pekabesko is in disposal of a distribution network including over 50 vehicles and more than 60 employees and storages with 7000 palette points of all storage regimes. The Company distributes for about ten national and international companies on daily basis, or more than 270 different products.

The technological solution for construction of the facility was developed by a Swiss company maintaining all European norms and standards for production and distribution so that the Center obtained EU export number.



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